Aurea Cartanya Hueso

Dr Àurea Cartanyà Hueso has a PhD in Health Sciences for Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Furthermore Dr Cartanyà Hueso graduated in Statistics and Master in Statistics and Operation Research, both jointly for Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. Her doctoral research is based on the study of the association between screen time and health (sleep, diet, weight status, and mental health) in paediatric Spanish population. Moreover during her period as PhD candidate Dr Cartanyà Hueso also taught biostatistics lessons in different degrees of health sciences (dentistry, biomedical sciences and bioengineering) and algebra in the bioengineering degree. Her current research at Universitat Jaume I focussed on the project “Assessment of the effects of environmental factors (air pollution, metals, noise, green and blue residential spaces and artificial night light), in cognitive development, emotional competencies, behavioral difficulties and developmental problems neurological (e.g. ADHD) during early life stages”