Laboratory conditioned for gravimetric determinations

Atmospheric characterization mobile unit


Instrumentation for air quality assessment:

  • MCV High Volume Samplers
  • MCV Medium Volume Samplers
  • MCV Medium Volume Sampler with Cascade Impactor
  • MCV Medium Volume Sampler with sequential head
  • Derenda Low Volume Samplers
  • Partisol Low Volume Sampler
  • Tisch High Volume Sampler
  • Casella Apex2 y Apex Personal Pumps
  • Personal sampling cyclones PM2.5
  • PCE-PCO 2 particle number sensor
  • Reflectometer for the determination of BS.
  • CO2 sensor
  • CAI 600 Series CO / CO2 analyser

Instrumentation biochemical analysis and biomarkers

  • ELISA plate reader
  • qPCR Thermal cycler Step One Plus
  • Refrigerated centrifuge Sorvall™ ST 8
  • Ultra-freezer 80ºC for storing biological samples
  • Vitalograph Peak flow meter
  • Actigraph accelerometer