Alba Loras Monfort

Dr Alba Loras Monfort obtained her doctorate in medicine at the Universitat de València with a “cum laude” mention and received the extraordinary doctorate award in 2019. She completed her Bachelor's Degree in Biology at the Universitat de València and her Master's Degree in National and International Clinical Trials at the Universidad San Vicente Mártir. Her research career has been developed at the La Fe Research Institute of Valencia (IIS La Fe) and has focused on the study of the metabolism of urological tumors, including bladder and prostate cancer, in order to better understand the biology of these tumors and find key points of metabolic regulation, as well as identify non-invasive biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring. Throughout these years, she has participated in more than 30 research projects, she has participated extensively in scientific congresses, and she has published several articles with a high impact factor (Q1). She is also a reviewer of scientific journals such as Cancers. She has been industrial placement tutor of Master's students and has taught in the Master of Clinical Trials Monitoring at the UCV and in the Master of Biomedical Research at the UV. Currently, she is co-directing a doctoral thesis associated with the medicine doctorate program at the UV. She collaborated in the project “Assessment of the effects of environmental factors (air pollution, metals, noise, green and blue residential spaces and artificial night light), in cognitive development, emotional competencies, behavioural difficulties and developmental problems neurological (e.g. ADHD) during early life stages”. Currently she has a Margarita Salas Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Valencia